Rules Module –> Changing the value of a referenced content type

Hi guys,

hope you are all doing fine! My website is almost done 🙂
Still one issue is bothering me:
I have two content types

1.) Selling content type (has the field: serial number as textfield)
2.) Buying content type (has the field: serial number as entity reference to the selling content type)

These two content types are connected via the entity reference field serial number.
The Buying content type aditionally has a Boolean field called “Sold?”, which is set to false when you create content.

What I now want to do is set up a rule, which is the following:

After saving new content of type Buying content type

(There aren´t any real conditions, however I think I need, the “Entity has field”-condition to get access to the variable “Sold?”

Set a data value –> Set “Sold?” in the referenced entity type to “True”

The reason for this is that I want to create a view called “warehouse” which shall show all the bought articles without the articles that have been sold. I want to realize this by filtering the content of the Selling content type by the variable “Sold?”

Hope I could explain myself well enough

Thank you for your help, guys!



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