Rules question: How to get the value from the title field and insert it into a referenced entity and hide the field

Good morning Drupalers, 

I´ve got two new questions:
1.) The more important: 
I´ve got two content types: “Bought goods” and “Sold goods”

In the “Sold goods”-content type I included an entity reference-field to the “bought goods”. With entityreference_autofill I could manage to “fetch” all the important fields from the “bought goods” content type and insert them except for the “title” field of the “bought goods”. This one, unfortunately, doesn´t work with this module. Then I thought I could use rules to do this, but with the condition: “entity has field” you also cannot get access to the “title” field of the referenced entity. I am sure there is a way to do this. Hope you guys can help me?

2.) My second and not sooo important question is the following: 
What module or way would you recommend to “hide” fields in the “add-content” and “edit-content”-pages? I found this module and I will try it out now, but maybe someone has a better solution 🙂

Thanks a lot for your help, guys! 


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