Running missing updates

Stumbled into an old problem on 7.50. Poking around, I see that while core module image’s image_update_7005 was run, 7002 and 7004 weren’t. Both add columns to the two field_*_field_image tables. 7002 also calculates and inserts the correct values for its columns for existing images.

I could fix this all by hand but next time it may be more intricate. What’s the recommended approach to safely making sure that all skipped or failed updates are correctly applied when a core module is involved?

(I saw a suggestion in of

UPDATE `system` SET `schema_version` = '7001' WHERE `system`.`filename` = 'modules/image/image.module';

but that’s not clean any more. 7005 doesn’t quietly do nothing if its changes are already in place.)

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