SANDcamp: Introduction to Site Building


2018-03-23 09:0017:00 America/Los_Angeles


Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)


Learn the basics of building a CMS (content management system) based website using Drupal 8 — a completely customizable, flexible, and scalable open-source framework. This introduction will give you all of the essentials required to produce a straightforward site, customize your content and displays, and enough knowledge to find more targeted information for unique customizations as you progress through your Drupal site building adventures.

This training is being offered by – for free as part of the Drupal Global Training Days initiative.

Training Agenda

Morning: Part I

  • Introduction: What is Drupal?
  • Getting Set Up Quickly
  • Basic Site Configuration
  • Basic Content Creation
  • Navigation / Structure:
    — The Menu System
    — Taxonomy

Morning: Part II

  • Going beyond OOTB (out of the box) Options
    — Changing functionality with Contributed Modules
    — Customizing your Content Types
    — Customizing your Taxonomy
  • What Are Entities
  • The Blocks System
  • The Comments System

Afternoon: Part III

  • How (and what) Content is Displayed
    — Views
    — Contextual Filters and Relationships
    — View Modes

Afternoon: Part IV

Part four will largely depend on you and your interests. First, we will need to finish up or clarify anything from the earlier parts. Beyond that, topics we can cover will include:

  • Media (Images, Videos, YouTube, etc., as well as responsive breakpoints)
  • Installing (and using) a Contributed Theme
  • Creating a custom sub-theme or entirely custom theme
  • Multilingual behavior
  • Managing Users/Roles/Permissions/Access beyond the surface discussion from Part I
  • Development environments and configuration management

You will choose which of these topics we explore with what time is available.

What You Need

We will use the Pantheon sandbox to build our sites during this workshop, so you do not need to install anything special onto your system. You do need a wireless capable laptop, as this is a hands-on workshop.

You do not need any coding skills to get started as a Drupal Site Builder, but the more you know (especially related to HTML5, CSS, SASS, PHP, Twig, MySQL, and jQuery), the more successful you will be.

If you have not already done so, please set up a user account on before this workshop. It will make it easier for you to participate in the issue queues and be an active community member.