Scheduler module not providing 'publish/unpublish on' options for any content

I recently installed and activated Scheduler and Scheduler Rules Integration for a Drupal 8 site. I know these are fully activated because I see them as options in my Configuration menu.
When I go to Structure -> Content Types -> Blog Entry (for example) -> Manage Form Display, I see two new fields called ‘Publish on’ and ‘Unpublish on’ below the previously existing ‘URL Alias’, which both have Widget set to Datetime Timestamp for Scheduler (I checked and I do have the Datetime module activated).
However when I go to add a new blog entry, I don’t see the Publish/Unpublish on options! I expected to see it under URL Path in the side menu, but it’s neither there nor anywhere else on the page. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

Drupal version: