Search Api and views_get_view() or views_get_view_results(), get fields definitions.

I’ve created view with nodes from Search Api index and trying to get view raw results with fields, ’cause I need exactly fields with definitions, ranged by page argument.

$myview = views_get_view('test');

At the end all I got in $myview->result is object-entity, i think it’s search_api(?), structured like that

object(stdClass)#2965 (2) {
array(3) {
string(0) ""
string(4) "1032"

view_get_view_result resulted the same way.

So, I’ve tryed to load entity through entity_load and EntityFieldQuery, but I can’t understand which entity type I need to write in function.
entity_load(‘search_api’, array(1032), array(), FALSE) – getting an error.
entity_load(‘search_api_index’, array(1032), array(), FALSE) resulting empty array.

How can I get raw definitions of fields in an indexed view???
P.S.:sorry 4 my bad English, not a native speaker.