Seeking feedback on Two modules I developed

Hello everyone,

I’m not a developer by trade and therefore I don’t have a ton of access to a community of experienced developers. I’m posting here to access such brain power. 🙂

In the course of running my business (I own a retail establishment and use Drupal Commerce for our online store presence), I have written a couple of modules which handle payment processing using our gateway. I would have much preferred to use pre-existing modules, but none existed. I had to resort to writing my own. The modules work, but since I don’t work in an office full of coders, I can’t easily have anyone else review my work for any glaring error that need to be fixed or revised for best practices. I do have a limited amount of programming experience, but certainly not the level of formal education many of you have.

If anyone out there is willing to review or provide feedback (to the issue queues of those respective modules, of course), I would be extremely grateful. Perhaps some out there are even in need of modules that work with these gateways.

I have also contacted the payment gateway and requested review of the code by their development team – we’ll see if they bite. 

Anyway, the modules are:

Commerce Three Step Redirect
Commerce Collect.js

Thank you in advance for anyone willing!

Drupal version: