Selling Products with Drupal?

Hi! I’d like to sell a product on my Drupal site and I’m trying to find the best solution.

What I’d like to do is feature three products. A person can only purchase one at a time. When they select one, they complete a form with their billing information and such, and then we get notified when they make the purchase. I’d like to save their response (how much they paid and their personal information ~ not payment ~ and other details) in a database on the site. I’d also like that information emailed to us upon purchase. One more thing… it HAS to use

My first approach was to use a simple “buy now” link with like I can with PayPal, but I don’t think that service has buttons like that. I’m looking at Drupal Commerce, and set up a store on the site I’m building. That gives me a lot of great features, but probably way more than I need.

We have this working on another site which isn’t running Drupal:
This was made with a huge set of custom API code we’re hoping to avoid. We’d like it to function similarly, but be far easier to manage and build.

All I’d like, basically, is a simple app which can handle this and allow us to add and change things when necessary. Is there a way to do this on Drupal, or should I continue to configure Commerce?


Drupal version: