Sensei and The Geek

This week, I created Sensei and The Geek. This is a site built around a podcast done by myself, and another long-term expat of Japan. Unlike most Drupal sites I build, this one was done almost entirely through contributed modules, with a custom module being used for just a single bit of functionality. The entire site was built over a period of 24 hours. It links externally hosted .mp3 files on Dropbox with the site, playing the files through an embedded audio player, using the Audiofield module. Using Views, I’ve added custom feeds which were submitted to Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher and Blubbry, where the podcast has now become channels on these sites.

Overall it was a good technical challenge. And it’s blazing fast on Drupal 8 – the site is hosted in the US, and here in Japan, even while accessing through a VPN, as a logged out user I’m seeing page load times averaging between 500ms – 1s.

Drupal version: