Server config problem, maybe: missing views class?

Hey Drupallers! I’ve been out of the game for a while, and never worked with Drupal 8. Things have changed a lot.

I’ve got a basic site that’s working fine locally in MAMP under PHP 5.6, but when I moved it to the webhost (also on 5.6), I’m getting this error in my logs when attempting to load user/login:

PHP Error: Uncaught PHP Exception DrupalComponentPluginExceptionInvalidDeriverException: “Plugin (views_view) deriver “DrupalviewsPluginDerivativeViewsLocalTask” does not exist.” at /home/public/core/lib/Drupal/Component/Plugin/Discovery/DerivativeDiscoveryDecorator.php line 208, referer:

I’m not sure if the double-backslashes in there are the cause of not, but I suspect there’s some PHP config option that differs between my local and the host. Since magic quotes are no longer a thing, is there something similar that I should be looking for? Or am I completely misjudging the root cause here?

Drupal version: