Set read more link text per page


I have just installed a fresh instance of Drupal 8. Part of my goal for the site is to be WCAG2.0 AA compliant for accessibility.

One of the criteria involves link text. I have created a couple of basic pages that I have promoted to the front page, but they all have the same “Read more” link text (I think Drupal calls it the teaser).

Is it possible to set the text of the Read more link on a per page basis?

For example on the page content edit screen have a field or in the content itself is there a markup etc.

I have looked at a couple of modules, but the ones I found were all Drupal 7 and no longer supported. I did find the Display Suite module and have installed and tried to get it working with that, but I have not been able to get the functionality described above.


Drupal version: