Set up D8 View with queries

Views has a nice feature where a user who has permission can search, or filter, the content and get back a nice list using the Exposed Filters. Setting that up basically generates a formatted url that returns the user to the same view but a filtered list.

For instance a search may be


The trouble is if I want to return a view without the search filters and just the formatted table for instance. It seems I would have to use a different view to use Contextual Filters which as far as I can tell will not use queries but use ‘%’ as stand-ins for field values. It seems really awkward to use this one view to generate a URL that works across all the fields used for searching. For instance it seems using the same fields in Contextual filter is very rigid.


for start_date, title, group, status must be in this pattern. Anything out of this pattern would seem to require its own view. It seems to me the parameter approach used by Exposed Filters would allow us to be more dynamic. It seems I could use the one view to show only content with a title of “Foo”. Or group=20&status=TRUE.

I ask because it may be obvious to others but could one view be used with a dynamic set of parameters in a view with Contextual Filters

Or can I use the dynamic URL of a view using Exposed Filters but not show the query form used for filtering and just return the results?

thx, sam

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