Showing a filtered MySQL DB with drupal?

Hi, for some years i’ve been considering of doing a webpage about old videogames. My idea es to show a mysql database that was filled previously with different information (from game genre to technical data) with a CMS, but not sure wich to use as i’m not a programer nor a web designer. I’ve a friend who is used to WordPress and says that perhaps i could use it to do what i have in mind, but i’m not sure though.

These months i’ve been playing around drupal and i’d say it’s what i need, but i haven’t been able to do what i want and i’m starting to think that it’s not suitable for me and that i should try to give wp a try although, to be honest, i think that what i pretend to do, considering i don’t have any php/html/mysql knowledge, is impossible to do with any CMS.

So what is it? Well, what i’m trying to do is to allow the user see specific information about a game instead of all information i’ve about it, this is to make web sections/menus from the result of showing (twice) filtered information. The problem is that i’m not able to do that. I can show the content of my mysql DB with views database conector (VDC) and filter what i want to be shown on the list, but there’s no easy way to show all the content related to that game as no link to the game info is created on that list. I’ve also tried to add a new content type with all fields that i’ve on my mysql database and feed them with the data from the mysql DB using feeds sql, but although it works better than VDC because i have link to the content of that entry, when i click on the game name, it shows all the info about that game no matter what i do:(

Said this: ¿Can a guy with not much knolewdge about web programming do something like that with drupal or anyother CMS o blog system like WP?

Thanks in advance for your help and regards from Spain!

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