simple_sitemap 8.x-2.10

Release notes

Bug fixes

#2903704: Sitemap entity inclusion settings shown on Sitemap Entities form
#2884892: Webform error if “Skip non-existent translations” is checked
#2901612: Call to undefined method .. getOperation()
#2883763: Rare caching problem for anon users after first sitemap generation
#2903558: Similar entity_type_id can lead to a remove of the other one

New features

#2875538: changefreq implementation missing
#2903165: Add images to sitemap
#2889575: Provide cron regeneration interval setting
#2878547: Sitemap included in search results

Other improvements

#2897909: Change method visibility
#2893540: Remove deprecated method/Class QueryFactory calls from code base

API changes

Three new hooks have been added:

  • hook_simple_sitemap_arbitrary_links_alter
  • hook_simple_sitemap_attributes_alter
  • hook_simple_sitemap_index_attributes_alter

On top of that the API is now more forgiving allowing missing link setting arguments when using some of the methods below.
Please make sure to use the below simple_sitemap.generator service API instead of accessing the module’s configuration storage directly.

API methods

  • getSetting()
  • saveSetting()
  • getSitemap()
  • generateSitemap()
  • getGeneratedAgo()
  • enableEntityType()
  • disableEntityType()
  • setBundleSettings()
  • getBundleSettings()
  • setEntityInstanceSettings()
  • getEntityInstanceSettings()
  • removeEntityInstanceSettings()
  • bundleIsIndexed()
  • entityTypeIsEnabled()
  • addCustomLink()
  • getCustomLinks()
  • getCustomLink()
  • removeCustomLink()
  • removeCustomLinks()
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Several new features, new hooks and a couple of bug fixes
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