simple_sitemap 8.x-2.12

Release notes

New features

Other improvements

API changes

No changes have been made that break backwards compatibility.

#2931911: Allow overriding entity generator plugin for specific entity types allows for easy overriding of the entity generator plugin for any entity type. This is being utilized for menu link generation now.

Please make sure to use the below simple_sitemap.generator service API instead of accessing the module’s configuration storage directly.

API methods

  • getSetting()
  • saveSetting()
  • getSitemap()
  • generateSitemap()
  • getGeneratedAgo()
  • enableEntityType()
  • disableEntityType()
  • setBundleSettings()
  • getBundleSettings()
  • setEntityInstanceSettings()
  • getEntityInstanceSettings()
  • removeEntityInstanceSettings()
  • bundleIsIndexed()
  • entityTypeIsEnabled()
  • addCustomLink()
  • getCustomLinks()
  • getCustomLink()
  • removeCustomLink()
  • removeCustomLinks()


  • hook_simple_sitemap_links_alter(&$links)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_arbitrary_links_alter(&$arbitrary_links)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_attributes_alter(&$attributes)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_index_attributes_alter(&$index_attributes)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_url_generators_alter(&$generators)

Read more about the API in the documentation.

Check out this resource for more details about the module and in-depth tutorials.

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Last updated: 8 Apr 2018 at 15:48 UTC
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Improved menu link generation, improved UI and added possibility of overriding the generation process by entity type
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