simple_sitemap 8.x-2.9

Release notes

Bug fixes

#2826684: Error When Performing Updates from 2.6 to 2.7
#2844636: PostgreSQL throws error on bundle delete
#2846875: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() SitemapGenerator.php:103
#2853459: “Recursive router rebuild detected” during installation of the module with a profile

New features

#2784079: Support RobotsTxt module

Other improvements

#2863371: Generation of sitemap with chunks uses a lot of memory

API changes

There have been no API changes. Please make sure to use the below simple_sitemap.generator service API instead of accessing the module’s configuration storage directly.

API methods

  • getSetting()
  • saveSetting()
  • getSitemap()
  • generateSitemap()
  • getGeneratedAgo()
  • enableEntityType()
  • disableEntityType()
  • setBundleSettings()
  • getBundleSettings()
  • setEntityInstanceSettings()
  • getEntityInstanceSettings()
  • removeEntityInstanceSettings()
  • bundleIsIndexed()
  • entityTypeIsEnabled()
  • addCustomLink()
  • getCustomLinks()
  • getCustomLink()
  • removeCustomLink()
  • removeCustomLinks()
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Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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