simple_sitemap 8.x-3.1

Release notes

Changes since 3.0

New features

#3017271: Views support
#2834406: Add XSL for human readability

Bug fixes

#3030377: Cannot change variant of entity type on sitemap entities page


#3024818: Set default value for variant dropdown to default variant
#3026182: Clean up nofollow logic in xsl output
#3029692: Do not animate the static progress bar when not generating
#3037353: Self closing br not allowed in translation import
#3021940: Invalid HTML in FormHelper.php

Read more about this release here.

Changes since 2.x

Ability to create any type of sitemap via plugins

The 8.x-3.x release allows not only for customizing the URL generation through UrlGenerator plugins as 2.x does, but also creating multiple custom sitemap types through sitemapGenerator plugins and running all the sitemaps on the same Drupal instance. Now e.g a Google news sitemap can be added to a Drupal instance. This is possible through the new concept of sitemap variants.

Ability to create sitemap variants of various sitemap types via UI

Now e.g links form a specific entity bundle can be indexed in a specific sitemap variant with its own URL.

No more out of memory/time errors

The generation process has been streamlined to using a single queue regardless of whether batch generation is being used, or backend (cron/drush) processes. This should allow hundreds of thousands of entities/elements being indexed without memory errors.
If there is a problem, the generation process picks up from the last indexed element. The sitemap variants are only published after the generation has been completed.


  • Views and views arguments support
  • XSL stylesheets for human visitors

Upgrade path from 2.x

There is an upgrade path from 8.x-2.x for regular users, however the API of the module has undergone several changes and custom code may need adjustments.

API changes since 3.0

None. Please make sure to use the below simple_sitemap.generator service API instead of accessing the module’s configuration storage directly.

API methods

  • getSetting
  • saveSetting
  • setVariants
  • getSitemap
  • removeSitemap
  • generateSitemap
  • rebuildQueue
  • enableEntityType
  • disableEntityType
  • setBundleSettings
  • getBundleSettings
  • removeBundleSettings
  • setEntityInstanceSettings
  • getEntityInstanceSettings
  • removeEntityInstanceSettings
  • bundleIsIndexed
  • entityTypeIsEnabled
  • addCustomLink
  • getCustomLinks
  • removeCustomLinks
  • getSitemapManager
    • getSitemapVariants
    • addSitemapVariant
    • removeSitemapVariants
  • getQueueWorker
    • deleteQueue
    • rebuildQueue
    • getInitialElementCount
    • getQueuedElementCount
    • getStashedResultCount
    • getProcessedElementCount
    • generationInProgress


  • hook_simple_sitemap_links_alter(&$links, $sitemap_variant)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_arbitrary_links_alter(&$arbitrary_links, $sitemap_variant)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_attributes_alter(&$attributes, $sitemap_variant)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_index_attributes_alter(&$index_attributes, $sitemap_variant)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_url_generators_alter(&$url_generators)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_sitemap_generators_alter(&$sitemap_generators)
  • hook_simple_sitemap_sitemap_types_alter(&$sitemap_types)

Check out this resource for more details about the module and in-depth tutorials.

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