simplenews 8.x-1.0-alpha3

Release notes

The long overdue third alpha release for simplenews fixes a number of bugs, see below for details.

Changes since 8.x-1.0-alpha2:

  • #2424469 by ModernMantra, edurenye, Arla: “Manage subscriptions” link should return to user view after submit
  • by Berdir: Fix test fail due to core change
  • #2695021 by alex.stanciu, MartinMa, prics, Errance: Cant change text of some notification mails
  • #2763059 by Shreya Shetty, VladimirMarko: Remove unused imports and Remove @file tag docblock
  • #2799175 by ModernMantra: Make the unique ID in subscription blocks configurable, to have a predictable form ID for CAPTCHA
  • #2772717 by Ginovski: SQL error on export form
  • #2795453 by andypost: Stop database serialization in panels/block
  • #2773469 by tbonomelli: SubscriptionManager::unsubscribe() should not override $confirm default value
  • #2737353 by Berdir: Remove poormanscron configuration from ultimate cron default configuration
  • #2594307 by Berdir, Ginovski: Fixed manual replacement of encoded HTML character leads to double de-escaping and missing output
  • #2789215 by tbonomelli: Fix failing tests
  • #2714301 by Berdir: Make simplenews_user_profile_form_submit() more resilient against incorrect form alters
  • #2689329 by tduong: Uninstall routing element is added twice
  • by Berdir: Convert simpletest kernel test to phpunit
  • #2660396 by tduong: SubscriptionManager::getSubscriptionsByNewsletter() queries wrong table
  • #2649628 by Berdir, iainH: Clean up newsletter theming, drop footer template and improve documentation
  • #2410247 by yongt9412, tduong: Port simplenews_help()
  • #2642350 by yongt9412: “Use as simplenews newsletter” fails for new content type when field_ui is enabled
  • #2410259 by yongt9412: Move simplenews_subscription_delete to SubscriptionStorage
  • #2616602 by facine, Arla: Fixed Email Subject is never saved
  • #2630176 by martin107: Improve documentation of SubscriptionManagerInterface
  • #2628904 by martin107: SimplenewTestBase::resetPassLogin() restrict type for $user
  • #2621272 by Arla: Follow documentation standards within the Mail namespace
  • #2596243 by Arla: Define migrations for simplenews subscriber and newsletter data
  • #2640258 by hussainweb: Remove #dialog option to show token browser
  • #2623742 by tduong: Add tests: Newsletter body theme function missing subscriber variable
  • #2630172 by Arla: Allow message to be skipped but not marked as failure
  • #2421477 by Arla: Test emails should use user context
  • #2626358 by Arla: Make MailEntity serializable
  • #2624788 by Berdir: Ensure that generated body and footer are Markup objects
  • by Berdir: Use correct types for ultimate cron default configuration.
  • #2623742 by Arla: Newsletter body theme function missing subscriber variable
  • Rename and update ultimate_cron default configuration
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