Site Building with Drupal 8


2017-09-08 09:0013:00 America/New_York

Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

We are doing a hands-on Drupal training on September 8th for Global Training Days and this requires a computer.
Don’t forget the computer!
Special Thanks to Agency Chief for hosting Drupal Global Training Days at their offices in Dupont Circle.
Arrival starts at 9am and coffee will be provided.
9am: Jess Dearie, Becca Goodman, Kirsten Burgard and Kat Kuhl will help attendees set up their first Drupal 8 site using either Pantheon or Acquia Dev Desktop (depending on your computers)
10am Becca Goodman will start the site building training.
12:30pm Time permitting, we will play a fun game of stump the Dev where you can ask us questions on D7 and D8 to Jess, Becca, Kirsten and Kat
1:00 pm everyone heads out, smarter, braver and way more Drupaly!