Sliderfield module – need functionality in existing API added to webform

On the description for the module, it states that it has ‘full webform integration’ – this is true up until the ‘Group Slider’.

It is missing ‘Group’ slider implementation for webforms. Currently the sliders only work individually for webform.

We need to be able to specify group sliders on the webform components. We then need to be able to specify what type of group slider, as per the module’s existing API.

The API works and can be demonstrated at ‘examples/sliderfield/custom_form’

Our experience with this module so far is that it will work provided a patch ( is implemented.

The deliverables are:

Revised version of existing Sliderfield module with ‘Group’ implemented and working for the existing webform implementation.

Please message me here with you proposed timeline and budget. As usual, sooner rather than later is good!

Drupal version: 


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