Slideshow and node navigation as Portfolio


I started learning drupal 6months ago and I’m having my first issue and I can’t find a correct solution.
In order to avoid influencing I will not explain what I’ve tried but only what I would like hoping you know how to do it.

So the short version is :

I would like to have a slideshow of pictures from a node, and when I’m at the and of the slides I can keep going on the next node slides.
The same way (and it’s my hard part) when I click on the previous pictures until the beginning, If I keep clicking I get to the previous node (the last picture of this node). Like a slides navigation for all my nodes pictures.

Long version :

What I want is like a portfolio navigation, I have a content type called “Workshop” with pictures on it, and I want to be able to see all the pictures of a workshop and when I reach the end going to the next workshop, or the previous one if I slide right to left.

I alerady madde this on WordPress but I really want to achieve this on drupal, is it possible?

(I tried, slick, views field view, id anchors… but maybe on bad ways)