smart_ip 7.x-2.47

Release notes

Issue #2807487 by Alex Bukach: Fixed cannot switch to MaxMind Binary.
Issue #2803155 by krystianbuczak: Fixed wrong array key for subdivisions data.
Issue #2801895 by Alex Bukach,arpeggio: Fixed automatic MaxMind GeoIP2 binary database update using correct file name.
Issue #2785551 by arpeggio: Implemented equivalent of ‘administrative_area_level_1’ is ‘region’ in Device Geolocation’s result.
Issue #2784621 by arpeggio: Fixed Notice: Undefined variable: ‘version’ and ‘edition’ in smart_ip_maxmind_bin_db_update().
Issue #2783839 by arpeggio: Fixed Fatal error: Uncaught exception “Exception” with message “IP2LocationDatabase: No candidate database files found.”.

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Last updated: September 28, 2016 – 04:18
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