Social media icons with installed theme are displayed strange+how to remove the icons


I just installed Drupal 8+ I am a new user to Drupal . I then added added this theme

When I installed it , comes with pre-installed Social Media ICONS lined across the top of page. I would be happy to use a few and think they would look good there. However the Icons are not displaying properly as you can see on this screen grab of my site ;…

1. Id like to know if the Social Media Icons are displaying as shown in the screen shot or shown here;

2. On the live theme demo the home page as a video slide show. What tool or what is used to make the page look like that ?

3. There are some of the social medai ICONS I would like to remove. I am not sure where about in the Drupal admin page to find and remove the icons I dont want. I have found where to change the URL’s of the ICONS but not the icons itself.

Any help would be most appreciated


Drupal version: