[SOLVED] Create various nodes of the same content type at once

Hi Drupalers, 

hope you are all doing great!
I´ve got the following problem: 
I have a content type called: products

This products content type has various fields for example name, price, etc.

What I now need is that if 100 items of a product have been ordered that you don´t have to add one hundred of the same content types one by one. 
They should just differ by the node-id

So for example, a new product is created with the node-id 34 and there have been ordered one hundred more that are the same. Then I would like it to be fast and easy to have 100 nodes that only differ by the node-id till the last node has the node-id 134

I already looked for a module, but haven´t really found one. I am sure there is a solution for this problem!

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it!


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