[SOLVED] No "Rendered entity" selection in "Text editor embed button" configuration


I’m trying to manage media files within Drupal 8.

In “Add embed button” (in Configuration / Content Authoring / Embed buttons) I have selected Entity as “Embed type” and Media at “Entity type”.

However, in the “Allowed Entity Embed Display plugins” section, I only have Entity ID, Label and Thumbnail checkboxes.

I don’t have “Rendered entity” and that is very annoying as I would like to display my medias like this in my contents.

Thank you.

See this link for a picture of the window :

EDIT : Thanks to Marcos Cano, who did a great series of videos explaining how to use Media in Drupal 8, I finally found the solution.

  1. Create a viewmode for your Media : Structure / Viewmodes / Add a new viewmode
  2. Activate this viewmode for your media type : Structure / Media bundles / Your media bundles / Manage display, activate the checkbox in the bottom page and Save
  3. Clear you cache : this is a very important step and the next step wont work without clearing your cache
  4. Configuration / Content editing / Text editor embed buttons. You should now see the viewmode your created in step 1
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