[Solved] View w/ contextual filter and header image token

UPDATE: I just solved this.  I deleted the image and re-uploaded it.

Greetings.  I created a view in Drupal 8, with a contextual filter in the path.  The view will vary by content author.  It lists the author’s created content, via a Relationship to Author.

I want the view to display the user’s Picture (an Image filed, in Home | Administration | Configuration | People | Account settings | Manage fields) in the header of the contextual view ouput, just once.

If I add the User:Picture field to Fields, it works fine and displays for every content item in the list, which is NOT what I want.  So, I hide it.

Then, if I add the User:Picture to the HEADER, in a ‘Text area’ with full HTML, or an ‘Unfiltered text’ it shows in the Replacement Patterns as {{ user_picture }}, but when I use it, it never renders anything.

I tried a ‘Rendered entity – File’ and a ‘Rendered entity – Media’ but I could not get those to work either.

The Replacement Patterns for the view field show:

  • {{ user_picture }} == Picture
  • {{ user_picture__target_id }} == Raw target_id
  • {{ user_picture__alt }} == Raw alt
  • {{ user_picture__title }} == Raw title
  • {{ user_picture__width }} == Raw width
  • {{ user_picture__height }} == Raw height

The Replacement Patterns for the header only shows:

  • {{ user_picture }} == User: Picture

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/22/feed