SSL certificates

Problem: I recently developed a problem where I cannot add modules, users or groups or images, but I can add group types, content types and content. When I try to add the other things, it appears the page simply refreshes and I cannot find any errors. It seems like I cannot change my database but by adding content I imagine that I am accessing it. I can remove things, just not add.

Wondering: At the same time this problem developed (not sure this is the cause) my SSL certificate expired and my host had to renew it. It is now renewed. Could this cause any issues with drupal or accessing my database?

More Info: I archived my drupal files, made a new database and installed a fresh version of drupal on the new database. The problem persists. The only user I can add is the admin account that’s created when drupal installs. I don’t know what kind of issue could survive replacing all files.

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