Starting a news-portal with Drupal 8

Dear lovely community,

I’m thinking about using Drupal 8 for a news-portal and so I have specific needs:

a) Is it able to mix static and dynamic content? I need a part of the page where I’m able to post articles like I would do with WordPress and a part on the page where I can put on static content which is easy to find by navigation, even if it is multiple pages and doesn’t fit in one row on the navigation bar.
b) Can I include/embed external content easily like OpenStreetMap based maps from external servers by adding javascript/html snippets in a page?
c) Is it easily possible to add boxes with images/links on the right side of the page in the currently used theme or does this need manual hacks in the source code of the template?

What about the community? Do we have experts in forum so advanced topics get resolved fast too? Regarding the features I need them to be implemented in Drupals core – I dislike to have hacks or a broad need of mods/addons/plugins.

Thanks for your feedback!

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