"Strings to Remove" — Why should I remove a string in path auto settings?

I have a couple content types, one is a content type specifically to post articles.

My node path will be mysite.com/article/how-to-bake

In Path Auto module, I have “Strings to remove”: a, an, as, at, before, but, by, for, from, is, in, into, like, of, off, on, onto, per, since, than, the, this, that, to, up, via, with

As a result, of course, the path is corrected to mysite.com/article/how-bake

I’m curious, what is the disadvantage of removing “to” in ‘Strings to Remove”… or what if i removed all of the words.  Do I compromise the security of the site?  Or is it simply a preference in how the administrator wants his/her paths to appear–i.e. shorter paths than longer paths?

Thank you.

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