Stuck at "Verify requirement" – localhost didn’t send any data.


I am new to Drupal, so I apologize in advance if my question is silly and would appreciate any of your advice in this.

I have put drupal’s files into the htdocs folder of MAMP. The small MAMP window seems to run just fine. I followed the instruction “HowTo: Create a local environment using MAMP” for everything before the section “Changing your password”, to create a new database “drupal8” in MAMP page>Tools>phpMyAdmin with username password that are NOT “root”.

I thought changing the default root password is optional (or is it not…?) so I went ahead for the drupal installation. When it processed to the “verify requirement” step, the page turned into “This page isn’t working localhost didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE”. If I go back a page, it gives me the following errors:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
DrupalCoreConfigUnmetDependenciesException: Configuration objects provided by standard have unmet dependencies: block.block.bartik_account_menu (block), block.block.bartik_help (help, block), block.block.bartik_search (search, block), block_content.type.basic (block_content), comment.type.comment (comment), (contact), core.entity_form_display.block_content.basic.default (text), core.entity_form_display.node.article.default (, comment, image, path, text), (path, text), core.entity_form_display.user.user.default (, image), core.entity_view_display.node.article.default (, comment, image, text), core.entity_view_display.node.article.rss (core.entity_view_mode.node.rss), core.entity_view_display.node.article.teaser (core.entity_view_mode.node.teaser,, image, text), (core.entity_view_mode.node.teaser, text), editor.editor.basic_html (ckeditor, editor), field.field.block_content.basic.body (, text, field), field.field.comment.comment.comment_body (, text, field), field.field.node.article.body (, text, field), field.field.node.article.comment (comment, field), field.field.node.article.field_image (image, field), field.field.node.article.field_tags (field), (comment, node, field), (file, image, node, field), (node, taxonomy, field), (file, image, field), filter.format.basic_html (editor, filter), filter.format.restricted_html (filter), node.type.article (node), rdf.mapping.comment.comment (comment, rdf), rdf.mapping.node.article (node, rdf), rdf.mapping.taxonomy_term.tags (taxonomy, rdf), taxonomy.vocabulary.tags (taxonomy) in DrupalCoreConfigUnmetDependenciesException::create() (line 98 of corelibDrupalCoreConfigUnmetDependenciesException.php).
DrupalCoreConfigUnmetDependenciesException::create(‘standard’, Array) (Line: 469)
DrupalCoreConfigConfigInstaller->checkConfigurationToInstall(‘module’, ‘standard’) (Line: 132)
DrupalCoreProxyClassConfigConfigInstaller->checkConfigurationToInstall(‘module’, ‘standard’) (Line: 141)
DrupalCoreExtensionModuleInstaller->install(Array, ) (Line: 83)
DrupalCoreProxyClassExtensionModuleInstaller->install(Array, ) (Line: 1572)
install_install_profile(Array) (Line: 662)
install_run_task(Array, Array) (Line: 540)
install_run_tasks(Array) (Line: 117)
install_drupal(Object) (Line: 44)

I could not locate “DrupalCoreConfigUnmetDependenciesException” as indicated in the error message. Is it supposed to be a file? Also, I have failed in the installation process before, when using username root, password root for a database – it failed at the “install sites” step… but I have dropped that database so I hope that is not influencing this current installation procedure.

How should I debug this situation? Please let me know. Thank you very much.

Drupal version: