sub-module dependencies


I have a new module: Salesforce Marketing Cloud API Integration. When I ran tests on my latest patch (marketing_cloud-deprecated_packages-2979238-4.patch test with PHP 7.2 & MySQL 5.5, Drupal 8.5.4), it failed on one of the tests, due to an unmet dependency (webform).

I had it listed as a dependency in the sub-module’s info.yml file and not in any composer.json, this passed all unit tests in the previous release.

The only difference that i can think of, is perhaps something has changed in core.

I have tried creating a composer.json in the sub-module, and this does not fix the issue.

This dependency is only required for the sub-module, and not for any the other sub-modules and base module, so I don’t want to include it in the base module. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?

Many thanks.

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