Subject specific product listings based on attributes

I have been searching for an answer to do the fallowing. I need to be able to easily create product listings ​pages ​
(from ​p​products in Drupal commerce)​ based on certain criteria (attributes) in Drupal commerce. Is there a module or method that can be used for this?

For example, if we see high traffic on “Red retro refrigerators” we would like to create a themed page for that with a listing of all the products that fall within this filter-set (color, keyword, product-type) . Even if this is not an existing category in our commerce installation (and we don’t want it to be). This is similar to the “splash page” modules often used in Magento.

splash pages in magento

​We could use views but this seems ​
​very devious if you want to create many pages based on marketing analytics. Also this would be difficult for content managers (with not much Drupal experience).​

Thank you in advance!

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