Superfish menu in Adaptive Theme on Mobile phone- something not right!



I am using the Superfish menu in the Adaptive Theme. When I view my site on my laptop and ipad it looks ok, but … and this is a BIG BUT … it looks terrible on a Mobile phone – something is not quite right. The Superfish horizontal menu does not resize and my Superfish vertical side menu looks really bad. I am using panels and I really don’t know if this has anything to do with the problem.

I recently changed from Bartik to the Adaptive theme to try and make my site look good in different browsers. I am nearly there and just need a little helping hand.

I thought I must have the Adaptive Theme settings wrong (probably still have!), but, then, after trying to get as much information that I could in regard to a responsive layout, I realised it must have something to do with the Superfish menu and not my theme, which I really like by the way.

I have tried to add the sfsmallscreen.js to my superfish library. I can see Standard layout, Tablet layout, smalltouch layout and Panels& Gpanels in my Adaptive theme settings. Just a thought, should I also see a setting for small screen there too? Maybe my sfsmallscreen.js is not working (just guessing here).

Hope some kind soul can help me make my site ( look good on a mobile phone.

Thanks a million.


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