Support for Code Climate


The Drupal community has documented standards for the quality of work that we do. There is also tooling for this, notably Coder. However, there is no shared visibility over how well we are upholding these standards.

Proposed Resolution

Use Code Climate to run automated static analysis. This will run on Code Climate’s servers using a polling strategy, requiring no modification to’s current tooling.

I suspect we would want the following:

  1. Ability to add a repository to the Code Climate account in an automated fashion
  2. Ability to add the GPA badge to modules in an automated fashion
  3. Documentation on on what the GPA indicates

Opportunities in the longer term

There are some opportunities I see in the longer term:

  1. Ability to see code style violations on on a per-issue basis
  2. Well documented workflow for the Technical Working Group and Security teams to add, remove, or modify the static analysis checks
  3. Ability to automatically create “spike” tickets on modules that violate a specific Security check or have dropped below a certain GPA