[Taxonomy] How to deactivate selection of terms in the second field, when they're already selected in the first field?

Hello @all,

The Problem:

I have one vocabulary with some taxonomy terms.

In my content type I have around 10 taxonomy reference fields which are referencing all to the same vocabulary.
In the first field I want to tag the “general” values, in the other fields I want to tag some “specific” values. The values itself (what is a “general” and what “specific” tag) can vary per node, so split the vocabulary makes no sense in my eyes.

How can I achieve, that the values which are already tagged in the “general” field are not available (locked) for selection again in the specific fields again? Is there a module for this use case? Perhaps with “realtime” feeling using jquery/ajax/javascript

thx in advance,


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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/22/feed