Taxonomy name not translated

Hello all,

I’m quite new to drupal, and have a problem translating taxonomy terms with drupal7.
Most of the website is translating fine french/english, except for some taxonomy terms.
These terms are translated in the backoffice, but they only appear in french on the front office, whatever language the site is in.

Here’s the PHP code of the include that calls these “labels” :

  $taxo = taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name_load('news_category');
  $taxo = taxonomy_get_tree($taxo->vid);

  $filter_menu = array(
    -1 => array(
      'link' => url('news'),
      'label' => t("All"),
      'active' => FALSE,

  foreach($taxo as $term) {
    $filter_menu[$term->tid] = array(
      'link' => url('news/site/' . $term->tid),
      'label' => $term->name,
      'active' => FALSE,

And here is what happens in the theme’s tpl file :


      $orientation = 'top';
      foreach($filter as $link) :

        if($link['active']) $orientation = 'bottom';
        <li class="<?php print $link['active'] ? ' is-active' : '';?>">
          <a href="<?php print $link['link']; ?>" class="ajax-link" data-orientation="<?php print $orientation; ?>">
            <?php print $link['label']; ?>
      <?php endforeach;

I have tried several things, including changing 'label' => $term->name, to 'label' => t($term->name),
But nothing worked so far, any help appreciated.

Drupal version: