Team Page Image Cropping Tool Error

Hi guys, a website I manage, has a custom built team uploader feature (Add Content > Team Profile) that populates their team page (

View Team Page Uploader Feature

Recently the team profile uploader has stopped working correctly, specifically the thumbnail cropping feature. A screenshot follows of the dead-end popup box I run into when I try to crop the image thumbnail.

View Image Cropping Screen

I can upload the image fine, but then when I click the “Crop” option, the Javascript window opens, but none of the features work. There are supposed to be 2-3 crop options, a “maximize selection” option, and then a save option. The cropping tool doesn’t seem to display now, and clicking “Maximize Selection” or “Save”, while they do still display, don’t allow me to click them. Lastly, the only way for me to then get out of the cropping tool screen is to refresh the page (“Cancel” doesn’t work either). 

Any insight is appreciated, thanks! 

Drupal version: