testing: two PC's, one DNS entry, 2 ports

I have an Apache web server (registered DNS: myname.org) on my primary PC, but need to test a 2nd PC attached to the same router. The 2nd PC will eventually be accessed by its own DNS name (“other.org” already registered) when I replace the old machine. “other.org” is already registered and an active server is using it at another location. I am testing a replacement for it . I have set up my router to forward a different port (50xxx) to the 2nd PC and I have set up its Apache httpd.conf to Listen on that port. “other.org” will run Drupal and uses “other.org” in its “settings.php”. I have already installed PHP, MySQL, Apache 2.4 and imported the MySQL DB onto the 2nd PC. I intend to access the 2nd PC using http://my name.org:50xxx. (The server access works with a simple index.html in the Drupal public_html). I have fully re-constructed the directory structure from the original site.

Before I activate the Drupal index.php, my questions are:

  1. what should I use as the Apache “ServerName”?
  2. do I need to create a virtual host in httpd.conf on “other.org”?
  3. do I need to modify my .htaccess rewrite rules and if so how (I haven’t ever played with them)?
  4. can I still use “other.org” in the “host” entry in “settings.php”?
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