The band had many changes in thier name

Virgin was a Polish pop rock band created in 2000 that officially disbanded in 2007. Its lead singer was Dorota Rabczewska.

Virgin from 2000-2004

Virgin’s first album Virgin, which contained sixteen tracks, had 13000 sales. The lagu on this album were written by Doda, Andrzej Mogielnicki, Anja Orthodox and Asia Prykowska. After the debut release of this album, it was nominated for a Fryderykaward in the category of “New Face of [url=]musik[/url] 2002″. The group intensively gave concerts while they were working on their second album. This album showed the group’s rock side as well as its musical aspirations and also included a cover of Madonna’s song “Material Girl”. Whilst promoting this album, Doda took part in the reality TV show broadcast on Polsat, titled Bar.

Bimbo 2004-2005
The band’s second album titled Bimbo was released in May 2004. The title of this album signifies in American slang “slut”. Dorota chose this title to caution “All the silly people, who think her as a whore”. On the new CD, eleven of her compositions can be found. The words for two of the lagu, “Bar” and “Ulica”, were written by Anja Orthodox. The singles released from this CD were “Dżaga”, “Kolejny raz” and “Nie zawiedź mnie”. This album also contained a guest appearance of the song “Nie Oceniać Jej” by Arkadiusz “Arekcore” Stępień, who is a Polish guitarist and vocalist from the group Ametria.
For “Dżaga”, there were two versions of the video clip (one of them includes uncensored photos where the other doesn’t). One of the main roles in this clip was played by Radosław Majdan, goalkeeper of club Wisła Kraków. Music on Bimbo was a continuation of the themes of the first album. It was still melodious rock but it does not scant in which original sharp equalriff, as well as quiet, romantic ballads.
In 2004, the group parted with its bass player Krzysztof Najman, (former husband of Anja Orthodox, vocalist of gothic rock band Closterkeller) and drummer Piotr “Posejdon” Pawłowski. As a result of several months of searching and auditions, the place of Krzysztof Najmana was taken by bass player Łukasz Damm from Wrocław, and Peter Pawłowski was substituted by percussionist Pitr Matsiak from Radom.

Ficca 2005-2007
The group’s new album, Ficca, was released on 24 October 2005 with these new musicians. The title of this album comes from the Italian word meaning “sheath”. Enclosed with the CD release of this album is an unpublished photo session of the lead musicians of the group.
The first single from this album was “Znak Pokoju”, and it won the Słowika Publiczności at the 42. Sopot International Song Festival in 2005, which is voted by the public. This song wades is homage for Pope John Paul II, and deviates from the group’s previous rock tone to a more melodious pop ballad. The second single from this CD was “2 Bajki”, which successfully stayed in the charts for a long time. The next single was “Szansa”, which was composed specially for the Festival in Opole.
On the 23 January 2006, the second edition of the Ficca album was released, which featured short clips recorded by Doda and her husband from their vacation as well as the music videos to both “Znak pokoju” and “2 bajki”.
At the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole 2006, the group received a Superjedynka in category of best POP CD, and also performed the new song “Szansa” in the premiere concert, which they won the audience vote.
On 14 June, the third edition (second re-edition) of the CD was published in a maxi version. For this edition, the addition included the song “Szansa” and “Nie zawiedź mnie” (live version) as well as karaoke versions of “Znak pokoju” i “Szansa”. A special recording taken during the Opole Festival and another vacation clip is also added to this version of the CD.
On 1 January 2007, on the official website of the band a statement from Tomasz Lubert appeared which said that he is finishing his involvement with the group Virgin. Dorota Rabczewskadecide continue career as soloist.