The D8 command line interface faction may destroy Drupal

The faction of D8 developers who insist on requiring that their contrib modules (and depend libraries) be installed by command line interface (CLI) utilities such as the composer utility only, may eventually destroy Drupal’s future as a whole, by alienating the larger audience of potential Drupal users.

At a time when GUI and ease of use are the prime directives of computer “user experience”, the Drupal universe is now plagued with a small but stubborn group of programmers who seem stuck in 1979, during the early days of Unix, when we didn’t have anything better than CLI. I know, because I was alive and programming on unix machines back in 1979!

I’ve been building websites with Drupal for about a decade. My account is a decade old as evidence of that.

Meanwhile, poorly conceived design decisions are making Drupal 8 a difficult to use and unwieldy platform. Drupal 8 isn’t just a version upgrade of Drupal, it is essentially a radical fork away from Drupal’s history, inside and out, into uncharted territory, possibly to Drupal’s peril.

There are even calls by some programmers for adding a means to disable the ability to update their rogue contrib modules via the Drupal 8 module install GUI, because trying to upgrade their rogue modules via the GUI breaks their configuration, break’s Drupal configuration, and can sometimes completely break a Drupal 8 site altogether.

(see example)

Elsewhere I have proposed alternative solutions, and what I believe are better solutions, GUI and user convenience/ UX oriented solutions. For the sake of Drupal’s future, I hope that at some point, somebody decides to pay attention to them, because if nobody does, Drupal as a whole may be in jeopardy.

Please don’t let Drupal 8’s architectural mistakes destroy the future of Drupal as a whole.

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