Theme taxomony output

In a custom view, I use a taxonomy field to display content by content type.

Is it possible to add a class to this output to give each term a different color, depending on the term of the taxonomy? 

This is the list of all terms in the taxonomy.

The output for this field is generated from ‘views-view-field.html.twig’ template which contains ‘{{ output -}}’ as the output, listed below.

<!-- THEME DEBUG -->
<!-- THEME HOOK: 'views_view_field' -->
<!-- BEGIN OUTPUT from 'themes/mobs_bootstrap/templates/views/views-view-field.html.twig' -->
<a href="/type/normal" hreflang="en">Normal</a>
<!-- END OUTPUT from 'themes/mobs_bootstrap/templates/views/views-view-field.html.twig' -->

This template is used by other taxonomy’s in the view to output their content, so I need to either create a template for this taxonomy or add control logic to this template to apply a class to the <a> tag as below.

<a class="normal" href="/type/normal" hreflang="en">Normal</a>
<a class="ace" href="/type/ace" hreflang="en">Ace</a>

I don’t fully know the naming conventions for the template nor how to target the output of the <a> tag.

The Format of the view is: Table with 6 fields.

Drupal version: