Themes with or create a secondary menu


My question; can I add a secondary menu to every theme, or is it depending on the theme possibilities?

I’m new to drupal. 10 Years ago i developed some website in PHP/MySQL as a hobby.
Now I’ve more time again and i would like to get back into web design. Nowadays there are very nice CM systems and I prefer to learn drupal. So I’ve watched and read a lot tutorials.

I’m still learning all about Drupal 8. Theming, CSS etc is a bit too much for now. So I would like to use a theme for setting up my first website in drupal. I’ve tried several themes and playing with menu’s and blocks.

But now I can’t really figure out how to add a secondary menu. A lot of websites don’t use secondary menu’s / sub menu’s nowadays, but I like websites with integrated secondary menu’s instead re-hovering the main menu. I like to have a secondary menu which displays the child pages of a specific page.

Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge, though I already searched a lot of information. But it seems difficult to add a secondary menu.
A lot of themes don’t support a secondary menu? Or am I doing something wrong? Now I’m using Zircon theme, which supports a secondary menu. Unfortunately, Zircon is hard to configure when you want to use other colors.

So I also tried some other themes, but then the secondary menu doesn’t show up, or has a bad layout. I’m willing to buy a premium theme, but I almost can’t find themes that seem to support secondary menu. I’ve also found Zymphonies’ Eclipse theme.

– Are there more (free) themes that support secondary menu’s?
– Or how can I add secondary menu’s myself?



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