TMGMT Continuous Job's

I’m quite new on Drupal and I’m having the following problem and I don’t know if it is meant to work this way or not.

The nodes are submitted right when they are created.

1. Create continuous job (english to german).

2. Create node. It is submitted and has pending state.

3. Create continuous job (english to french), so now we have two continuous jobs.

4. Create node. It has pending to both german and french translations.

5. Retrieve translations with a cron run.

So, the problem that I have, is that when I retrieve the translations with cron, the three translations (german – node 1 and 2; french – node 2) are retrieved but, it also creates a new job item for node 1 to french, which I didn’t wan’t to create.

From what I saw, this problem occurs in the tmgmt_content_entity_update() hook, when it calls tmgmt_content_create_continuous_job_items(). I don’t know why the last method needs to be called. If I remove it, the problems disappears.

In essence, I wanted to ask if the behavior mentioned above is the intended one, because it might be.

Drupal version: