Too many redirects error while trying to install multi-site config

The things I did:

  1. Upgraded my existing site to Drupal 7.56;
  2. Created a subdirectory ‘’ in the sites folder;
  3. Copied a clean default.settings.php to this folder;
  4. Renamed it to settings.php;
  5. Created a files folder;
  6. Went to URL sub.example.php;
  7. Noticed that URL was translated into;

What I tried:

  • replaced my .htaccess in the root with a clean one;
  • cleared my cookies;
  • cleared the cache of the existing site;
  • going to a non-existing subdomain results in going to the main site (with all ‘./’ links being broken… for example: I still have a folder in my root with some graphics and links are translated to ““).

Any other things I could try?



Drupal version: