Translations in Draft Status

My goal is to be able to have a published node in English and allow someone to translate that node into French and put it in a Needs Review state allowing a native French speaker to review and adjust the translation and when complete for that person to then publish the French version (or to even place it back in a Needs Review state for a publisher to publish). None of this should have any impact on the published English version of the existing node.

When I use the ‘Translate’ tab on the node edit page I have the option to choose French and then ‘Request Translation’ then ‘Submit to Translator’. The pending translation is then in a ‘Needs Review’ status. The only way to review this translation is to access the ‘Needs Review’ link within that tab. The next page shows all of the blocks that are to be translated but it shows them in a code view and not a rendered page view. This makes it very difficult for a content editor to really see how the page will look. Even so, I choose ‘Save as Completed’ and the translation is done and placed in a published state.

As the resultant translation still needs a native French speaker to clean it up I immediately go to the page edit form and under the ‘Translation’ option uncheck ‘This Translation is Published’. Under ‘Publishing Options (all languages) I can now choose between Draft, Needs Review, or Published. In this instance I choose ‘Published’.

At this point everything seems to be fine. The English version is published and the French version is not. The page editor accesses the French version and makes an adjustment and saves this version in a Needs Review status (since this person is not a publisher the only options are Draft and Needs Review). Now when you go to ‘Edit Draft’ on the French version all the text in the page edit form is in English. There seems to be no way to keep a translated version of the page in a Draft or Needs Review state.

If the above mentioned page editor has publishing permissions then the node could simply be kept in a published state with the ‘This Translation is Published’ and all would be fine but we don’t want this person to have publishing permissions.

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