Trying to create a Staff Directory using Taxonomy and Views

Using Drupal 8. I have 300 or so staff members and about 12 departments. What I have done so far is created a taxonomic vocabulary called Departments with each department listed lets just say:

  • Dept X
  • Dept Y
  • Dept Z

Then I created a content type called Staff Directory such that the form allows a user to enter the name (the default title), position title, phone, email, image and they can select via a drop down the department.

This is where I need help. I’d like the view to be sorted as follows:

Dept X

  • Christina Augulera
  • Debra Harry
  • Grace Slick

Dept Y

  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Eric Clapton
  • Sean Lane

And so on…. Doesn’t need to be a bulleted list, it’s just a sketch. Right now all it does is list every name in alphabetical order.

And to make it even better have it such that you can then click on each name and their information would open in a modal box. But if I have to go to a page that’s fine too.

Does this sound possible with what I have set up so far? Seems like it’s something simple but I’ve been stuck for a while now.