Trying to create any number of fields from multiple value field on node create page

I have a paragraphs field that takes a term reference and a boolean value.

Rather than there being just one instance of the paragraphs field, I need to have one for every term in a vocabulary, and to be referenced to each one. This is not much of an issue, it is the issue of having these fields ready. I have tried the below but when I save the node it doesn’t save the new fields? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

function hook_form_alter(&$form, $form_state, $form_id) {

  if ($form_id == 'my_form') {
    $item = $form['field_features']['widget']['0'];

    // get taxonomy terms
    $query = Drupal::entityQuery('taxonomy_term');
    $query->condition('vid', "my_voc");
    $tids = $query->execute();
    $terms = DrupaltaxonomyEntityTerm::loadMultiple($tids);

    $i = '1';
    foreach($terms as $term){
      $form['field_features_para']['widget'][$i] = $item;
      $form['field_features_para']['widget'][$i]['#delta'] = $i;
      $form['field_features_para']['widget'][$i]['#weight'] = $i;
      $i ++;
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