Trying to update Drupal 8 site with composer, but getting blocked by dev-feature I can't find the source of

Hey everyone,

I’ve been going nuts over this. I have drupal 8 setup, and I’ve got a local instance running.

What I’m seeing though when I try and update the site is:

I run this: composer.phar update –with-dependances

And I get this: don’t install drupal/core 8.6.10|remove drupal/drupal dev-feature-LT-14-lmamp-errors

When I do “composer.phar prohibits drupal/core” I can clearly see this odd ‘dev-feature-LT-14-lmamp-errors” thing is preventing core from upgrading. I just have no idea what this is or where it’s living, or why it’s being called. It looks like something a developer no longer with the company left behind, as it follows some of our naming patterns, but it’s not a module, and it’s not being called in composer.json

I talked to the developer a little, and he suggested it might be something to do with git?

I’m baffled as to what to do. Any thoughts on how I can track this thing down and get rid of it?

Drupal version: