Tweaking CSS in Bartik D8

I know this is likely a question so basic that most people will be laughing, perhaps even chortling.  But I come from a non-CMS background where to increase a font, say, or choose a different font-family, one simply navigates to the whatever.css file and finds the right line and changes it.  It’s usually quite easy to read, too.

I am kind of blown away at the difficulty of doing something as simple as identifying the title of my Bartik page and changing its color.

There doesn’t seem to be an option in the Home > Administration > Appearance > Appearance settings that addresses this.  I can change the text in the body, but whereas in the example, the title and body text match in color, in my real site, they don’t.  So I thought, “Oh, just mosey over to the CSS file and change it.”

Little did I know this was not as simple as I thought.

After searching, I found a page which goes into great detail about aspects of css and js but doesn’t address any of the very simple “I’d like to tweak X, Y, or Z” issues I suspect many novice users face.  I don’t want to redo the theme.  But for some reason, the title of my Content pages is one color and the text is another and I’d like them to match. 

(Just one example of several.)

When I use the Developer Tools on FF to identify the .css line that’s causing a certain aspect to render, I am finding long bizarre lines of scrambled filename (for example,…) and can navigate to these in my file manager, but they’re unformatted masses of text that seem very “unfriendly” in my editor. 

Are these what I use to make this kind of tweak?  Or am I overlooking some vastly easier process?  Is there a module I can install that adds more functionality?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or help.


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