Twelve Step Distribution

This is a Drupal 8.x distribution for Twelve Step (AA, Alanon, NA, CA, etc…) Intergroups (Intergroups are also known as Central Offices or Central Service Offices). The distribution should be useful to cities, districts, areas, and states. This project is not sponsored by any organization. It solely exists because of the need to have it. We need to stop inventing the wheel. It was started due to discussions at the National AA Tech Workshop in St Louis in 2015.

At the moment, the key feature provided is a meeting finder. This will be made better, to include geographic searching and display. We’ll also add roles the fit the organizations. We’ll add support for service meetings and special events and collaboration between those who need it.

The distribution also includes

  • tools and configuration for migrating existing content, especially from
  • content type for local events
  • content type for side wide notifications